Fresh, Handmade Pasta in Madison, WI

About Big Mouth Pasta

About Big Mouth Pasta

Big Mouth Pasta is the marriage of Argentine culinary traditions and Wisconsin farm-fresh ingredients.

Kelly and Damián are the hands behind the dough. They met in the energetic city of Buenos Aires and teamed up to create Sweet Buenos Aires, a gastronomic tour, and catering company that explored the sweet underbelly of the sprawling metropolis. Being in a city with Italian immigrants, eating fresh pasta on Sunday afternoons became a tradition in their house. Although very similar to Italian pasta, Argentine pasta incorporates their flavors and ingredients to create a pasta culture that’s unique to their country.

Eventually, Kelly and Damián moved to Madison, WI and began making pasta for my family and friends, who were amazed at the difference in texture and taste from dried or store-bought pasta. They also found themselves amazed by the abundance of fresh and local ingredients at their fingertips. They created Big Mouth Pasta to bring the best of Argentine pasta to Wisconsin.

And since they believe that food tastes best when created by hand, with ingredients that are chosen for their freshness and quality, all of their pasta is handmade in small batches, the same day you enjoy it.